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Prologis is the world's largest logistics real estate company.

We play an essential role in the worldwide economy, with 2.5% of global gross domestic product passing through our distribution centers. Our company provides vital facilities and services to a large number of highly respected customers including Amazon, DHL, Home Depot, and Pepsi.

But we don't just lease space. Over nearly four decades in business, we've partnered with thousands of customers to build productive and successful businesses. We've gained insights into their daily challenges and the services that would save them time and money.

We realized we could go beyond renting space

We have the scale to provide easy, cost-effective solutions to common challenges


We can help make it brighter and more efficient by sourcing the right lights, racks, and forklifts.



We make finding vendors for vital services, from forklift maintenance to dock repair to HVAC, easy and convenient.

That is what inspired us to create Prologis Essentials in 2018. Prologis Essentials is a platform of solutions that focus on convenience, ease of use, value pricing and excellent service. Our customer service teams have worked directly with facilities managers and other valued customers to deliver what we call "value beyond the building."

In 2020, we are taking another exciting step and adding a new digital way to access Prologis Essentials: The Prologis Essentials Marketplace is a 24/7 digital resource accessible from either desktop or mobile device. There, customers can find and order products including lighting and material handling equipment, as well as purchase service and maintenance plans. We never forget the importance of human connection to our customers, but we're always looking for technology solutions that maximize success in the 21st century.

Not only do we get customers set up easily and quickly, we don't disappear after a sale. Our commitment to service is unequivocal.

At Prologis Essentials we believe we offer two unique benefits to our customers that no procurement agent or vendor can match.

First, we have the scale to find and offer the most competitive prices and the best service plans for mission-critical equipment such as warehouse lighting, racks, and forklifts. Not only are we providing state-of-the-art equipment today—but the insights we've gleaned help us advise customers about the technologies that add real value to their business.

Secondly, our customers want their plans and ideas to become reality fast. We already know the measurements of our buildings and their unique attributes. In some cases, customers don't have to make time for a vendor to visit and measure their space. Just as important, our vendors understand the importance of working with our customers to minimize downtime during an installation or service call.

Not only do we get customers set up easily and quickly, we don't disappear after a sale. Our commitment to service is unequivocal.

Whether a customer is seeking to staff critical service functions in a warehouse, get better lighting for less money from a conversion to LED lights, or buy high quality material-handling equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks or racks, Prologis Essentials Solutions is standing by to help fuel customer success.

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