Prologis Solar

Save on electric bills and implement solar
with no out-of-pocket costs or commitments

beyond the term of your lease.

Go Solar with Prologis SolarSmart
Now available for eligible customers in California and New Jersey

Our experienced implementation team will build and maintain a solar-based and renewable energy system at your location.


We install SolarSmart at your location with no out-of-pocket costs for you. And we will provide solar energy at or below your cost from the local utility.


With Prologis SolarSmart, there are no extra costs or commitments beyond your lease. So act now to lock in electric utility savings for the term of your lease. 

256+ megawatts of generating capacity in eleven countries


Enough to power 55,515 average U.S homes each year


Ranked #3 in U.S. corporate on-site solar capacity by SEIA (2019)


No upfront costs

Pay as you go


Meet environmental goals


Turnkey installation, no maintenance

How Prologis SolarSmart Works

Pay for the solar energy you use
At or below your cost from the local utility.

Don't worry about lease term
You don't owe anything when you move out.

Let us do it all
Keep doing what you do best, we'll build and maintain the system



It's easy to be SolarSmart!

Solar without risk, hassle or commitment


All it Takes is Some Data Analysis to Get Started

Login to UtilityAPI so we can establish your current electricity usage. UtilityAPI is a safe, secure and standardized utility data service:

  • Industry-leading and trusted utility data collection site.
  • Hundreds of companies use it every day for feasibility analyses.
  • It's fully compliant with the U.S. Department of Energy DataGuard Energy Data Privacy Program guidelines.



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