Rack Buyback

Rack Removal and Buyback

Our rack removal options make
moving out a whole lot simpler.

We Make Moving Out Easier

We provide a couple simple solutions to help you dispose of racking. By coordinating with Prologis, you can simply leave your racking behind—and we’ll do the rest. Or we can connect you with one of our vendor partners to determine if the racking has resale value.

Leave Your Racking Behind

Why not simply leave your racking behind instead of dismantling, moving or disposing of it? This way, you can continue to operate, leaving your inventory in place until the last day of your lease. A Prologis Essentials racking partner will coordinate teardown, removal and disposal of your racking, as well as fill the anchor holes.

Coordinate Rack Removal With Potential Buyback

A Prologis Essentials racking partner can provide removal services on a turnkey basis. After evaluating your racking, our partner will prepare a proposal that includes removal and disposal, as well as filling the anchor holes with cement epoxy. The proposal might also include an offer to purchase your racking if it has residual value.

Don't let old racking slow you down on move-out day!

Leave your racking
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