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The Time-Saver Services Package

HVAC, Janitorial, Dock Maintenance, and Pest Control

Monthly Price:

$0 / SQ FT / month

What's included?

  • HVAC

    • Quarterly inspection and maintenance, including changing air filter and fan belt. Repairs as necessary. (HVAC must be in good operating condition)

    • HVAC Information

      • 0 Warehouse SQ FT

      • 0 Office SQ FT

  • Janitorial

    • Office and bathroom cleaning. Restocking all restrooms, office and breakroom areas with consumables.

    • Janitorial information

      • 3 days per week

      • 0 Office SQ FT

      • 0 Employees

      • 0 Bathroom Fixtures

  • Dock Maintenance

    • Biannual service including the check for proper activation and interlocking of dock equipment, pit cleaning, inspection and adjustments of dock leveler as appropriate. A comprehensive post-inspection report and repair recommendation.

    • Dock maintenance information

      • 0 Dock Positions

      • 0 Dock Positions with Levelers

      • 0 Dock Positions with Restraints

  • Pest Control

    • Monthly service, including rodent trapping, and treatments for occasional invaders in both food and non-food facilities (some exclusions apply)

    • Pest control information

      • 0 Office SQ FT

      • 0 Warehouse SQ FT